Outdoor Activities

Mountain Biking
Woodstock and neighboring towns are seriously upping their mountain biking game. Think you can’t find smooth flow in New England? Think there’s no trainer good enough to improve your game? Think the season ends at first snowfall? Think you can’t bring Fido on your rides? Think again.

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Swimming Spots
Summer in Vermont is a time for swimming holes. If you’re seeking relief from the heat, a bit of relaxation, a diversion, or family-friendly fun, read on for our list of best swimming holes in and around Woodstock! Remember that many of these swimming spots are unsupervised, so check conditions and swim with caution!

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Picnic Spots
A curated, seasonal shop (based in beautiful Woodstock!) featuring small batch items made in Vermont.

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Pick Your Own Fruit
Craving fruit plucked fresh from its branch? With these four PYO blueberry (summer) and apple (autumn) destinations within 15 minutes of Woodstock, you can take your pick! Please note: Many of these locations are self-service and cash-or-check-only. Reach out prior to visiting for details on berry picking conditions, hours, as well as COVID-19 precautions and protocols. And be sure to bring your mask!

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Farmers Markets 2020
A bushel of our favorite local farmers’ markets are ready for business—and we’ve rounded them up so you can get shopping (safely) under the summer sun…

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