New Englanders love their legends, and this one is no different.

With Halloween just around the corner, we feel it’s important for all visitors to Woodstock to know this story.

We’ve all heard tales of haunted bridges, inns, schools and forests, but have you heard the tale about a Vampire buried in the village green in Woodstock? While this story is likely more bark than bite, we love things that send shivers down our spine. Let’s take a look at this chilling story in VT about a place you may have been many times.

Woodstock, Vermont is a charming and quintessential town that is popular for tourists. The next time you wander through the picturesque town, see if this tale sends shivers down your spine.

Let’s travel back to 1834…

As the tale goes, the Corwin family lost their oldest son to a strange illness. When a second son appeared ill, the family was advised by the town folk to take no chances and protect themselves against Vampires. Supposedly his body was dug up from the local cemetery and burned. His ashes were said to be buried beneath the village green. A few daring lads from town allegedly tried to dig up the ashes but ran away when they heard screaming and voices surrounding them. While this tale has been passed on from generation to generation, there is no record of a Corwin family ever living in Woodstock. So the mystery remains…

Are there really vampire ashes buried in Woodstock’s village green? Or is this just a tale that never died…

You be the judge.



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#4: Silver Lake
The Underrated Vermont Lake That’s Perfect for Lazy Afternoons.

When people think about lakes in Vermont, the first thing that often pops into most people’s heads is the magnificent Lake Champlain. Another popular one is the iconic mountains on either side of Lake Willoughby. Perhaps you think of the stunning colors of Emerald Lake. Well, there is an underrated lake in VT that should pop into your mind quickly that you may not have explored yet. Silver Lake in Barnard has so much to see and do that it’s one of our favorite places in Vermont all year long.

The lake is just 20 minutes from Sleep Woodstock Motel. Plus there’s a wonderful little country store, Barnard General Store, where you can get delicious food including sandwiches and decadent desserts for the perfect lunch by the lake.

Silver Lake, Barnard VT

Silver Lake, Barnard VT     Silver Lake, Barnard VT     Silver Lake, Barnard VT

Barnard General Store

Barnard General Store     Barnard General Store Food     Barnard General Store Food     Barnard General Store Food

Their Current Menu