Vermont Spirits

Vermont's Original Craft Distillery

Vermont Spirits distills a variety of agricultural-based fine craft spirits. Originally known for their maple and whey-based vodkas, they've made steady strides over the years, expanding their product line and distribution, and working to create a rewarding work place for their growing number of employees.

Since their doors first opened, their approach to distilling has remained unchanged. Every stage in the production process is designed AND engineered in-house and hand-built, frequently employing simple gravity to transfer the evolving spirits between stages of production. They use no additives or preservatives. Their Distiller monitors each batch from start to finish, before he deems the product is ready for bottling and shipment.

As importantly, their base ingredients come from Vermont agriculture. They do this in an effort to give back to the state, which supported the company’s growth and because as they say "the local agriculture is truly exceptional!"

Their products include: Vermont Gold Vodka, Vermont White Vodka, Crimson Vodka, No. 14 Bourbon, No. 14 Maple Spirit, No. 14 Apple Brandy, Black Snake Whiskey and Coppers Gin. And remember all made using Vermont local agriculture—maple sap and syrup, corn, apples and wild juniper berries

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