Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Plymouth Artisan Cheese is a Vermont company that produces artisanal raw cow's milk cheeses with milk received from a single local herd that they continually monitor for quality. All of their milk comes from a farm that engages in the best dairy practices and humane treatment of their livestock. Only the finest and freshest milk goes into our cheeses. They are also dedicated to the ideas and philosophies of the slow food movement; knowing where your food comes, how it is made, and to the preservation of the working landscapes of Vermont. Your patronage will help ensure that future.

Their line of granular curd cheeses are true American heritage cheeses made to the same exacting recipe that the first European settlers brought with them to the New World. 

The Plymouth Cheese factory is one of the oldest cheese enterprises in the United States - producing high quality and distinctive artisan cheeses for over 124 years. The factory still occupies the same site and building as it did when it was started in 1890 in Plymouth, Vermont by John Coolidge, father of Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States.

When John Coolidge sited his cheese factory in Plymouth, Vermont, Plymouth Cheese as we know it today was born. The Plymouth Cheese Factory operated until 1934 when the factory was closed due to a milk shortage caused the the Great Depression.

As of 2009, Jesse Werner is the new cheese maker and steward of this cheese making tradition. He has once again started making Plymouth Cheese to the same exacting standards that such a pedigreed American heritage cheese demands.

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