2nd Annual Killington (Up &) Down Hill Roll

Sushi Yoshi Presents the 2nd Annual Killington (Up &) Down Hill Roll

This year’s event will be a relay-style race, with the first person crossing the finish line winning the race for the team.

Three person teams consisting of 1 road rider, 1 cross country rider, and 1 downhill rider can compete. The winning team members will receive a Killington 2015-16 Blackout Ski Pass!

Individual Riders are also welcome to join any leg of the race they would like. There will be an individual rider category for each discipline, separate from the relay. Prizes will be awarded to the best individual riders as well!

The course will start at Skyeship base, traverse up Killington Peak, and finish back down at Snowshed.

Roadies will ride from Skyeship base up East Mountain Road, to Snowshed to “tag” a cross country climber. The cross country climber then will ride up to K1 and “tag” a downhill rider. The downhill rider will finish the race by riding down to Snowshed base.

After the race is finished, all riders will gather and ride in a “critical mass” from Snowshed base to Sushi Yoshi to begin the After Party and Awards Ceremony!

Plus, riders will receive a biking jersey, and a raffle ticket for a chance to win a Downhill Bike and other great prizes. They’ll donate all profit from the registration to the KMBC to put towards construction of cross country trails in Killington.

For more detailed info or to register: vermontsushi.com/events or call (802) 422-4241 to reserve your spot today!

2nd Annual Killington (Up &) Down Hill Roll