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Here are 5 quick ways to make your autumn odyssey a great one. 

People travel from all over the globe to witness Vermont’s fall colors. It’s not uncommon for inns and hotels to fill up as much as a year in advance. But, even during “peak” foliage season, there are always rooms in Vermont. 

Experienced foliage visitors come mid-week when the weekend crowds are usually long gone. For other insider “secrets,” read our Fall Travel Tips section.

There is no magical moment when the leaves reach their most vibrant. Peak is a continuum and every season it moves differently depending on weather patterns, soil conditions and the health of the forests. And, of course, location plays a big part.

Not only will you avoid the bigger crowds found in resort areas, you’ll enjoy some breathtaking views traveling the backroads of Vermont.

The best local views are usually easy to find – if you know where to look. A great source for local information are the folks at Vemont’s village stores or the owners of a local inn or B&B. Like you, they are constantly watching the colors unfold around them. Just stop in to the local shop or ask your innkeeper about foliage spots – they’ll usually be more than happy to share their favorite viewpoint.